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IPsec which stands for Internet Protocol Security is an emergent standard for safety at the network or packet processing layer of network communication. Former security advancements have placed security at the application layer of the communications model. IPsec is more often then not particularly helpful for applying virtual private networks as well as for remote user access in the course of dial-up connection to private networks. A very major benefit of IPsec is that safety measures can be tackled devoid of a need to make changes to individual user computers. In simple words, IPsec is “a framework of open standards for ensuring secure private communications over the Internet.

Based on standards developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), IPsec ensures confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of data communications across a public network. IPsec provides a necessary component of a standards-based, flexible solution for deploying a network wide security policy” (Glossary, p.1). IPsec supports two modes of encryption known as: Transport and Tunnel. Transport mode encrypts just the data portion (payload) of each packet, and the header remains unencrypted. On the other hand, the Tunnel mode is far more secure considering the fact that it encrypts both the header and the payload. This is later decrypted on the receiving side by the use of an IPsec-compliant device. In order to make the IPsec work, both the sending and receiving devices need to have a public key. This can be achieved by means of a protocol known as Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol/Oakley (ISAKMP/Oakley), which allows the receiver to get hold of a public key and validate the sender using digital certificates.

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