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Communication scholars have defined and elaborated over interpersonal communication skills in a myriad of ways. Interpersonal communication stands out amongst other modes of communication for it involves a few participants only. The people involved are physically close to each other, innumerable sensory channels are used and the feedback is instant. According to researches intercommunication of people with each other varies from person to person. For instance someone’s interaction with a sale’s clerk would obviously differ remarkably with his friends and family members. Thus researchers have elaborated over interpersonal communication in a different way. This has been referred by many as the developmental view of interpersonal communication. So in essence interpersonal communication takes place amongst two individuals who have been acquainted with each other for some time. Even more essential, is the fact that these people take each other as unique entities who are playing their respective parts in various social circumstances. Thus these participants have shared history in the past and are aware of each other’s surroundings.

Interpersonal communication is governed by four basic principles. First, this form of communication is inescapable. It is impossible not to communicate. Even the attempt to not communicate is indicative of communication itself. But this type of communication takes form of gesture, postures, facial expressions etc. one can constantly receive information from others .Even when one sleeps, one communicates. Ergo, it goes that the world does not comprise of mind readers and humans are mostly judged by the way they behave.  Second, interpersonal communication cannot be reversible. What has been said cannot be taken back. The effect will never cease to exist. Third interpersonal communication is a complex form of communication. It is not simple and owing to the number of variables involved, even the simplest of requests tend to appear as extremely complex. According to various theorists, whenever  one communicates, the minmum number of people involved in the process are 6. These include what one thinks who one is, what one thinks who the other person, who the other person thinks she is, who the other person thinks of one and who the other person thinks one thinks.

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