Sample Essay

Michael Porter is considered as the father of value chain management the interpretation of Porter’s model is widely used by different organizations. The idea of this model is that the product based or service oriented organization is comprised of different subsystems and every subsystems comprises of different aspects like inputs, transformations process and outputs. The element of transformation processes includes elements like inputs and outputs and certain phenomena like the acquisition and consumption of resources like money, land, buildings, administration, labour, materials and management are included in it (Dickel, Mason, & Rowe 1993). The entire process of value chain management determines what the costs of organizations are and how it affects the profits of an organization.

Operations of an organization are very important and the process of converting outputs into inputs is considered as an important strategy for different organizations. These processes are important for an organization because at a certain point they reduce the cost of operations if the processes are managed effectively and efficiently. The processes that are involved in converting the inputs into the outputs are known as either primary or secondary activities (Porter 1998).

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