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“When We Two Parted” is perhaps one of the most touching poems ever written. It was penned down by Lord Byron. The poem under consideration has a somewhat depressing through out and is the lament of a persons lost lover. This poem is best ot be read by those who have been left stranded by their lovers. Every single word of the people carries meaning for people who have suffered a break up or miss their lover.
Through the poem, the author has presented to us the scene of the end of a beautiful relationship and is good for the people who have suffered break ups and find it hard to express themselves in words. The poem, which has been written by Lord Byron, puts forward a completely new approach to the way which is taken up so as to write a love poem. In the poem, the author takes up a completely new way of writing his verses and uses a quarrelsome style which is used by him so as to attack certain people. The poem is written by the author to show the betrayal that he felt when a woman whom he loved left him. The most prevalent theme in the entire poem is of the loss faced by him instead of him actually being in love with the woman.

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