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Technology has lead towards a lot of advancements taking place on the face of earth which has resulted in comfort and convenience for human race. In the past, human beings were not blessed with technological advancements due to which the lives were full of inconvenience and discomfort but with the passage of time technological advancements progressed making lives easier and without hassle. Personal computers, automobiles, Aircrafts, hand phones and much other technological advancement are examples of innovation that has changed the lifestyle of people. Automobiles are truly considered as one the best advancements that human race has come up with. The motive behind this advancement is that in the past human beings had to travel long distances in order to trade as there was no concept of E-commerce or Internet transactions hence efforts were put in by many scientists to overcome this problem faced by individuals as travelling used to take a lot of time plus caused a lot of inconvenience and discomfort (Newman, 2002, p. 10).

In 19th century, the work was started in building some sort of machinery which could help individuals transfer from one place to another. The efforts soon paid off well when scientists managed to design an engine and a vehicle’s body which soon paved way for today’s car companies like General Motors, Ford and Chrysler to design and manufacture vehicle. It was in United States where the production of cars initially started and soon this concept managed to spread in Europe and especially in Japan.  Today, the manufacturing of Cars has been in the boom stages due to advancement in technology, variety of car manufacturers and high demand of cars because of rise in population (Lewis, 2003, p. 103).

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