Sample Essay

Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB Bank Ltd) is one of the oldest banks in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It has a rich history and is one of the largest and most respected banks in the country. It commenced operations since 1947 when the country gained independence and has never looked back, growing consistently and solidly to become one of the largest banks in Pakistan. During the seventies, it became a state owned bank as were the other banks that also operated in the private sector. This was a bleak period in the history of the bank and the country itself. In the early nineties, MCB regained its private sector stature. Since then the bank has expanded through branch network, service improvement and technological advancements and hiring of the best employees available in the nation (MCB Bank Ltd 2006).

MCB Bank is one of the leading banks in Pakistan today. According to market capitalization, it is the largest bank in Pakistan with more than four billion US dollars[1]. If the criterion is Asset size, it is the fourth largest bank in the country with more than four hundred billion Pakistani Rupees in its asset base. There are more than a thousand branches spread across the country and a customer base that exceeds four million. It is also the most profitable bank in Pakistan (Maybank 2008).  MCB Bank has received many awards over the years due to its services and commitment to their customers, employees, suppliers and other stake holders.

[1] May 2, 2008, Exchange rate US$1 = PKR64.61

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