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An airline industry is more like a backbone of any economy as it facilitates economic growth, international investment, global trade and tourism which can provide strong foundations to an economic structure of a country (Mark, 2008, p.45). Without an airline industry, a country is likely to be handicapped and deprived of various opportunities to be availed for the betterment of the economic situation. Hence, every nation that exists today has given utmost priority to establish and strengthen their airline industry so that the country is able to get on the track to economic growth as well as attract investors that can consider getting engaged into the trading activities with the country (Mark, 2008, p.46).

The UK’s airline industry has been one of the main reason behind the success and stability of the country as due to its presence the country has been able to trade with rest of the world which results in foreign reserves of the country being raised comprehensively. Apart from that, a lot of students and tourist visit the country almost the entire year which reflects how important airline industry is towards the growth and stability of the UK’s economy. With the introduction of low fare airlines like Ryan Air, it can be analyzed and understood that the future of airline industry in the UK remains prosperous. With the presence of busiest airports like London Heathrow and Gatwick airports, it can be evaluated that the UK has been facilitating businessmen, tourists and students through its airline industry contributing in the best way for the stability of the country’s economy.

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