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Nobody knows when a fire would go ablaze. It is something that is least expected by all of us, yet it takes place at hundreds of places every single day, because of which hundreds and thousands of lives are affected. It is necessary for all of us for the sake of our own lives along with our families, neighborhoods to carry out all the prevention methods we can think of in order to ignore ablaze fires.

 The article that has been taken under consideration goes by the name of “Fire hazards do not take holidays”. This article starts off by putting forward the basic summary and an introduction to what the article is all about. As can be gathered it is related to fire hazards that go off during summer camping trips taken by people. As the article says, “This summer, nearly 50,000,000 people eagerly will leave the cares of the office and home behind as they pack cars, trailers, and backpacks to go camping. If you are one of those pursuing fun in the great outdoors, remember that you cannot take a vacation from safety” (Fire hazards do not take holidays, 2005).

The above quote shows that all of us leaving the cares of our homes and offices, thinking we would only have fun; are not safe. Nothing is much better than being able to go back to nature by simply going camping. When planning your next camping trip you need to be careful about certain things so that you can be more stress-free, and at ease, having the mindset that whatever you are doing is being done the way it should be. Camping is just not complete without having a campfire. But no matter for what reason you are building it, be it cooking, warmness, or just to create the perfect camping environment you need to make sure of certain things first all of which have been listed in this article.

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