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Marketing is defined as a process of identifying customer needs and wants and fulfilling those needs and wants in a profitable manner. The concept of marketing has been adopted long ago by various organizations for the purpose of promoting their products and services and to keep their target market aware of the new offerings in terms of products and services (Shultz, 2004, p. 112).

In the beginning, marketing or the promotion of the products/services was primarily done through the usage of media which involved TV, newspapers, radio, billboards, brochures and other channels but with the passage of time, marketing modes and channels got transformed and managed to shape up with a unified concept of Integrated Marketing Communication which basically involved integration of all marketing tools so that organizations can promote their offering in a most cost effective manner. Integrated Marketing Communication includes marketing of products/services through Advertising, Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, Sponsorship Marketing, Direct Marketing and Public Relations (Belch, 2001).

Today, large multinational organizations heavily make use of Integrated Marketing Communication tools for the purpose of promoting and selling their offerings. Some companies advertise their products/services on various media (TV, Internet, Magazines) where as other companies consider one to one, direct marketing and personal selling concept so that they manage to build up close ties with their clients.

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