Sample Essay


This assignment is an introduction to legal studies and it has a scenario according to which the relevant enquiries that are necessary to be carried will be discussed and then the registration of interests in England and Wales will also be discussed. The assignment will include a discussion of the legal processes.

The first question has a scenario which shall be explained. Mr Auden wants to buy a 3-bedroom house and his estate agent says he hasn’t got anything of that size on his books currently, so he suggests to look at a large Victorian 2-bedroom freehold house, no 21 Desolation Row, and according to the agent it probably has ‘scope to extend; so Mr. Auden could extend the building to make a nice little 2 storey house. Mr Auden likes the idea, and makes an appointment to view it. The apparently sole owner is a Mr Pound.

Upon entering into Desolation Row (which is a ‘cul de sac’) on his way, Mr Auden realizes that the surface of Desolation Row is in a desolate condition. It’s not tarmaced; it’s rutted, pot-holed and has not been maintained for many years. He wonders that ‘Why haven’t the Council done anything about it?’ Then, assuming that all the other roads in the vicinity have been adequately maintained, he ponders of the fact that if actually, it has anything to do with them? Surely if it were adopted it would have been maintained the same as all the other roads round here? …But if it isn’t adopted, then surely someone must be responsible for it? Mr Auden thinks that driving over a road in a condition like this would play havoc with his suspension! And if it’s not adopted, can it be lawfully used?

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