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Managing people has been one of the key aspect in terms of Human Resource Management as the role of this department is to manage the employees or the workforce in best way possible to ensure that the employees are productive and motivated at the same time so that the employee turnover rate is kept low and organization is able to meet its respective targets that have been set by the organization heads for the employees to be achieved (Adam, 2009).

The concept of People management is essential for all the organizations that are present in current times as there is a dire need for the firms to produce maximum output and outstanding results from their employees. In simple words People Management is to do with utilization of human resource in such a way that the objectives and the targets of the organization are met successfully (Steve, 2008).

Running a flourishing organization (nonprofit or profit) requires continuing leadership and management, planning, coordination of different activities and for this to happen there needs to efficient administration & supervision of the most challenging aspect of the organization which is people (Harris, 2010).

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