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“Christianity can stand up to the intellectual challenge mounted against it. The result of such a challenge should not be the loss of faith, but the priceless possession of a well-reasoned and mature faith.”

— Norman Geisler and Paul Feinberg

      The book under consideration is known as “Introduction to Philosophy “A Christian Perspective”, which was written by two authors namely Norman Geisler and Paul Feinberg who claim to be Christian philosophers in the book. In the book, The authors all-purpose approach is to give details about a view point, put in plain words its sustaining arguments and then the criticism that have been put forward against it. Sporadically, the authors take in an unambiguously Christian viewpoint that integrates all the preceding views into one all-inclusive whole.


     As evident by the title of the book, Introduction to Philosophy: A Christian Perspective is exactly that. It is a Christian point of view on the study and history of philosophy and it makes an attempt to respond the questions of what philosophy is, why it should be premeditated and what its practical impact is.

The authors, Norman Geisler and Paul Feinberg, get started to show that philosophy should be appreciated in and of itself, and that Christianity can meet head-on the rigors of philosophy, and should be seen as a philosophically legitimate worldview. For that reason they embark on the task of putting forward the value of philosophy, devoid of glossing over the issues in philosophy which seem to say the opposite to Christianity.

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