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     First of all, for this essay it is necessary to define the term Democracy. Democracy basically is a procedure related to decision making, which is inclusive of all members of the society. The term carries different meaning in various cultures, but basically in the West democracy is repeatedly related with the supposition that pronouncements replicate the self-interest of the personage and that cooperatively the quest of self-interest has a say in the welfare of the larger society. On the other hand, in other cultures, self-governing decision-making may be restricted to decisions what helps to safeguard the commons or about who has established the understanding and level of self-sacrifice to make decisions for the complete society; democratic decision-making about which practices maintain the commons may be destabilized by authoritarian powers that are inclusive of widespread recommendations that are too frequently understood in the language of advancement and setting free from traditions.

     Basically it is a term that is referred to the power that the people of a nation having. It is said that the term “is usually used to describe a political system where the legitimacy of exercising power stems from the consent of the people. Accordingly, a democratic polity is often identified by the existence of constitutional government, where the power of the leaders is checked and restrained; representative institutions based on free elections, which provide a procedural framework for the delegation of power by the people; competitive parties, in which the ruling majority respects and guarantees the rights of minorities; and civil liberties, such as freedoms of speech, press, association, and religion” (Spero and Hart, 1999).

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