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      This analytical essay takes into consideration two books, in both of which the authors have tried to present certain social issues that were present back in those days, and are still existent in our society as well.

      The first book that has been taken under consideration goes by the name of The Figaro Trilogy and is a compilation of numerous works by the author namely Beaumarchais. The Figaro Trilogy plays consist of Le Barbier de Séville, Le Mariage de Figaro, and La Mère coupable. These plays are considered to be some of the most prominent French plays ever, considering the fact that the trilogy ranges over the entire disorderly period of French history that is the Revolution. The most significant characters in all these plays go by the names of Figaro and Count Almaviva and Rosine. The relationship between Figaro and Count Almaviva begins as a mere light-hearted master-and-servant relationship in Le Barbier, after which they both become opponents over Suzanne in Le Mariage, which basically presents a fair picture of the struggle that existed between people of various classes in pre-revolutionary France. Finally both the characters get back together and fight against the evil notions of Bégearss, in which they author portrays reconciliation between them in La Mère.

      The second book that has been taken under consideration is called The Misanthrope and was written by Moliere. The central character of the book namely Alceste, has a problem. He does not wish to negotiate over the standards that he holds regarding truth and honesty. In the world that he lived in, in the 17th century French court what matters the most is the appearances of a person. The character is noble by his nature and is an outcast in the world in which he lives High and noble in nature, he is alienated from the world because he disregards its desires of heart, its hollowness, the falsehood that exists within it, and the hypocrisy that is present along with countless paltry shortcomings.

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