Sample Essay

In my opinion, ISO 9000 is a better practice as compared to Six Sigma and Baldridge because it is a much widely known practice in the world and is adopted and implemented by major brands that are preferred by the consumers. ISO has now become a requirement that customers seek to have in a product of service they wish to purchase hence it has received much popularity then six sigma or any other management practice related to quality management. Furthermore the quality standards prescribed in ISO 9000 are much more imminent in quality management and quality control.

Goals to be achieved

As discussed earlier, management practices are mainly involved in quality management of certain processes that are linked towards manufacturing and service sector. Hence management practices have also given rise to certain practices like six sigma and ISO 9000 which has led towards enhancing the processes related to manufacturing and services that are offered to the end users. Although researchers have come up with variety of studies that can assist individuals in knowing which method can be best in terms of quality management but it is essential if a practical can be implemented to make sure which methods are most successful and appropriate. In order to have a clear and appropriate view of which activity can better prove to be efficient in quality management then certain criteria’s are needed to be set. The goals to be achieved in this paper is to highlight the fact that which management practice remains more efficient if six sigma and ISO 9000 are compared and what benefits can the business entities receive if they are set to implement any of the practices mentioned above.

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