Sample Essay

Explain why isolation between receive and transmit antenna is important in CW radars.

The isolation between transmit and receive antennas in a CW radar is necessary in order to improve the Tx-to-Rx ratio of the radar system. The higher this ratio is the better the radar system is able to detect target (Skolnik 456).

2.3 Explain the causes and mitigation of range ambiguity in frequency hopping radars.

2.4 What are the advantages of using spread spectrum techniques in radar systems?

2.5 Why is it harder to jam a spread-spectrum radar system?

The spread spectrum radar system uses noise like “Chirp” signals to convert the transmitted signal into noise. Furthermore the bandwidth of the transmitted signal is much greater than the actual information it is carrying. The combination of these two features makes the Spread-spectrum radar difficult to jam (Skolnik 367).

Q3. In an interferometer direction finding system with 9 elements planar antenna explain how to increase the accuracy of this system, or prove that the results are accurate.

In a interferometer direction finding system with multiple antenna the accuracy of the system can be increased by increasing the baseline of the antennas along with the utilization of ambiguity reduction circuitry. Furthermore it should also be ensured that the distance between all the elements of the antenna and the phase comparator is precisely equal in order to reduce any error in phase comparison (Adamy 158).

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