While this may be a done scenario in many organizations today, the drawbacks of using another medium of communication might have its own disadvantages. In less developed countries where the telephony and communications infrastructure does not provide a good streaming speed, conversations may be hindered by breaks and static that makes it difficult to concentrate on the discussions going on at hand. Further, teleconferencing might not be a viable option at all times and telephone and other mediums limit communications by either depriving the communicators of visual accompaniments or of two-way communications. For example a presentation conducted with all attendees in a room will have more of a chance of leaving a greater impact and having a fruitful discussion compared to one where different branches are logging in to communicate from different countries. Moreover, time difference might make it impossible for two managers from two mismatched time zones to communicate effectively and in a timely fashion, in case an emergency situation arises.

Further to these pertinent issues are the issues of ethnocentricity and stereotyping that people face not only on an organizational but also at a personal level. Ethnocentricity can be described as a feeling of superiority of one culture over another. Ethnocentric people generally believe that those belonging to other cultures are out groups and that they are inferior to them.

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