Sample Essay

The immigration policy of South African government after apartheid era has became strict. This can be illustrated in the number of people been granted permanent visas in 1990’s “from around 14,000 per annum at the beginning of the decade to less than 4,000 by the end of it”. Similarly, the conditions for refugees are hard as well, 63,000 people have applied for asylum since 1994 and only 13000 have been granted refugee status. A new refugee act was passed in 1998 that dismissed the earlier aliens control act, which was discriminating. Though after the introduction of new act, discrimination against blacks have decreased but the procedure has become strict and conditions are difficult as no welfare support is given and the refugees can’t work or acquire education till after they have attain refugee status.

All these conditions and figures prove that South African government discourages refugees and only gives permanent visa to highly qualified and selected individuals. The main reason for the strict immigration and asylum policy of South African government is that there are lots of uneducated and unskilled local people who are unemployed and first consideration has to be given to them in jobs rather than unskilled foreign labor.

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