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Performance appraisal refers to the process, where in, an organization measures the performance of its employees against the performance or productivity standards set by it. For instance, an organization might review employees on the basis of the number of projects completed, goals achieved or sales targets met. Therefore, performance standards of one organization might be different from those of another. This further pinpoints the importance of performance appraisals in truly reflecting and impartially evaluating the performance of employees. A good performance appraisal will motivate employees and point out problematic areas. Whereas, a bad performance appraisal will be a waste of resources for any organization.

Issues and Solutions

Many organizations have trouble identifying the key areas that a performance appraisal has to address. They do not know, what they are trying to accomplish through a performance appraisal or how it will help them in employee evaluation. This can be established using the example of 360-degree feedback. “Typical mistakes organizations make are rushing into 360-degree appraisals without a clear idea of what they want them to achieve.” (McCurry P.(1999). New angle on 360-degree feedback. Director, 53, p.36)

Furthermore, organizations tend to use one particular tool in isolation, which does not yield reliable results.  This should not be put into practice because one tool may not satisfy all the requirements of appraising. Moreover, appraisals need to take into account a comprehensive picture of performance. Using one particular tool can create a pigeon-hole view of what otherwise needed to be a holistic view of performance appraising.  Ideally, an organization should know exactly what each tool can deliver, and use a combination of tools to assess different competencies. Organizations must assess pros and cons of different tools and handpick tools that suit their needs. Some tools that can be used are graphic rating scale, Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales, alternation ranking, forced distribution method, critical incident method, management by objectives and  360-degree feedback. (cited in Dessler, 2006).

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