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The major problem with EIA is implementation of this architecture according to different organizations. The three important aspects of EIA are users, content and context.These pose a problem in implementation. Content and users are consumed in the organization’s strcuture but context is ignored which causes problems in implementation of EIA.

The major problem lies in single user centred organizations but there are benefits to as well and they are as follows:

  • Increased revenues through e-commerce
  • It eliminates duplication and therefore costs
  • Communication is clearer since there is a single message.
  • Exerpetise and knowledege is shared
  • Reorganizations are reduced.

But business units in such a setting make five mistakes and they are as follows:

  • Greed for credit of work
  • Ignorance to what is EIA
  • Slothfullness that EIA is not that important
  • Fear that it might be hectic and it might not work
  • Loathing that its irritating to implement and work with accordingly.

The team responsible for implementation of EIA tends to make five errors as well and they as follows:

  • Over-reaching that is over confidence to fix all problems.
  • Haste that is to fix all problems in a single go
  • Over-extending that is to work with every business unit in the organization
  • Presumptouness that is to intimidate all business units to work with them
  • Naivete that is to work with no political basis.

Another problem with EIA is that organizations fail to realize the importance of centralization. EIA is now being used for web development and websites are not a novel idea anymore since they have become a neccesity. Monetray issues are also imminent since the financial crises in the world and also the world over recession has created problems for companies. The basic challenege is to tap evolution to drive the enterprise that is to make it happen faster and conciously.[1]

[1] Alan Perkins (1997).Enterprise Information Architecture for Visible Systems Corporation. RetrievedMarch 22, 2009, from web title: (2 of 10)

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