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Another issue that stems from the use of software based performance appraisals is that they can contain a set of generic questions that are not suited for the jobs that are being evaluated. (Dutton G.(2001). Making reviews more efficient and fair.Workforce,80, p.76). To overcome this issue organizations need to tailor their software to their performance evaluation needs. In order to process a fair evaluation, the questions need to be customized to the jobs that are being evaluated. Not only should it be customized to the jobs, but also to the performance standards the job entails. Doing so organizations can address this particular issue effectively.

Some organizations might favor software or computer based performance appraisals because it increases efficiency of operation. It should be noted that incorporating software based performance appraisals just for speeding up the appraising process will do no good to the organization. It might help the organization effectively utilize resources, for example, time savings, and less use of paper. Nonetheless, appraisal just for the sake of appraisal should not be the prime concern of any organization. Rather even the software based appraising process should be used to support the true meaning of carrying out performance appraisals.

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