Sample Essay

It should be noted, however, that the instant Fred discovered the isolation of both Japanese and American groups, it should have struck him that there are grave communication barriers and implicit fears that prevents them from having a healthy interaction. Both Fred and Ralph discount this behavior as being hypothetical and coincidental. There is a typical case of bounded rationality that both managers exhibit.

Fred Bailey should have made use of value judgment when appraising his Japanese client. He was aware of the general Japanese attitude towards American leadership and superiority. If he thought that the report was of utmost importance, the least that he could have done was to reassure that Toshiro Watanabe had the concept firmly embedded in his mind. Bailey cannot invest all his risks into an unpredictable client. Sheer negligence of this sort can destroy a company’s image and push a lot of its forthcoming clients away. Rather than misjudging and speculating the general Japanese approach towards these issues, Bailey should have taken time to understand the kind of messages that got through to them. Bailey jumped to conclusions and made peace with the allegation that working with Japanese people was like working with people belonging to a parallel universe.

As far as Bailey’s family problems are concerned, the situations inJapanproved his wife’s biggest fears right. Her explicit skepticism towards the move was genuine and this later translated into a lot of problems settling in. These suppressed problems erupted suddenly when Jennifer could not tolerate the compromising state of affairs anymore and insisted that they return to their home. Although their children were settling in alright, Jennifer could not adjust to the inquisitorial and probing nature of Japanese people. She felt it cumbersome in making herself comprehensible to the native people. Furthermore, there was a lot of emotional detachment and a severe lack of recreational facilities. Moreover, Jennifer couldn’t locate anything she wanted in the local stores and couldn’t drive or read the signs on the road.

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