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Then came the late 1950s when the U.S market was attracted by different Japanese manufacturers. Honda was the first one in the bargain. Honda cropped up and it became surprisingly successful in tapping and discovering the customer base of older males and younger women. This was UN explored arena as far as Harley motorcycles were concerned for they were known for their tough image. Hence, Honda cashed in on this and began a more focused family oriented approach as it advertised motorcycles.

Ad slogans like “you meet the nicest people on Honda” which were representative of sweet, family oriented atmosphere became central to Honda’s marketing strategy. Motorcycles were developed which were lighter, smaller, faster and easier to handle.  Honda moved up step by step. It first targeted one region with its 50 cc motorcycles, became successful there and later moved up in another region with its successful and even more powerful 250 cc engine in another region. It continued making one record after the other and was home to different significant substantial inroads by 1965. One out of every two motorcycles would be sold by Honda in that time period. Honda paved way for various other Japanese firms as well and soon companies like Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki followed. They took up the strategy under taken by Honda and marketed smaller, quieter, light weight more fuel efficient motorcycles. They were easier to handle, maintain and carry, compared to Harley’s tough motorcycles. They were these characteristics which now attracted women and youngsters in the league of motorcycle riders. Even those who could not afford the expensive Harley bikes opted for the Japanese brands for their cheaper. It even suited those riders who could carry the Harley bikes on steep curves and did not have the muscle to help it flow (Harley Davidson n.d.)

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