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The questions to be raised here are weren’t there any other staff to provide care and attention to Jason as in E.R every patient is to be checked and given equal attention. The level of coordination and management of activities remains another question to be answered by the hospital stuff.

The entitlements that Jason is legally bound to receive due to neglect of hospital staff are firstly compensation for his hearing loss and medical charges involving the hearing loss, secondly, compensation for Jason’s two month work loss and lastly for undergoing therapy to coordinate his senses and life. He should also be compensated for any therapy he might need to undergo to eliminate mental and physical stress.

Traumatic brain injury is defined as “an insult to the brain… caused by an external physical force, which results in an impairment of cognitive abilities or physical functioning” (BIAA). As this definition suggests and after reviewing the case, it implies that Jason had the same injury and due to delay in medical attention, Jason had to not only sustain a permanent hearing loss but also had to forgo a huge potential client. Had the first aid and medical attention been given on time, the situation could not have so badly deteriorated and for that Jason deserves a healthy compensation.

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