Sample Essay

The most driving lessons of the book under consideration are the facts that we must change the way work and live under the current circumstances. Global corporations need to work and work so as to stay in line or the foreign companies just might take away their business. The author wishes to inform us readers of the opportunities that have occurred as well as the threats faced by us because of the Middle East and Asia and for facing these threats  one needs to work on his or her skills and in this a major part is played by education.

He believes that the only way we can escalate is to get educated. He believes that, “America as a whole will do fine in a flat world with free-trade provided it continues to churn out knowledge workers who are able to produce idea based goods that can be sold globally and are able to fill the knowledge-jobs that will that will be created as we not only expand the global economy but connect all the knowledge pools in the world” (Friedman, p.230).


In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that the book under consideration is extremely valuable and teaches us of ways to put up with the changing business trends.

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