Thus, this validates the issue that they will have to undertake and adopt new approaches and ways through which they shall need to evolve the peace and harmony in all the areas. Humiliation and degradation are the keys to the emergence of violence in the countries. And fighting such issues needs the involvement of sensible leadership and logical methods. Therefore, proper tactics are required to sort out this issue.

Humiliation, here, refers to the actions such as the Palestinian men ripped naked at the streets and beaten by the Israeli soldiers and many such examples where the civilians are degraded and disrespected. These incidents have been the reasons for the utmost breach of law and order and creation of violence. (Elsworthy & Rifkin, 2005)

In my opinion, the terrorist activities and violence has increased and grown worse on a global scale since the incident of 9/11. This can be shown by the fact that the rate of fatalities accused by the terrorist activities, beginning from September 11, 2001 and going up to the 59 months following it has grown up to 250 per cent. There has been no significant harm done to the institution of Al Qaeda or Taliban by the US led war. In the meantime, many other groups such as Hezbollah and Lashkir-e- Taiba came up with their own destroying actions along with the Shia and Sunni sects in Iraq and Iran. As an outcome, the strength of these religious parties caused trouble and diluted all the efforts that were made to eradicate the concepts of terrorism and extremism from the world on global level.

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