Sample Essay

It was basically not the bravery to kill the innocents, including children, on a bus or train and say that whatever they are doing is good, yes we know that there might be many reasons because of which they have been involved in such activities but at the same time everyone has the right to live their life accordingly and by killing Americans in an office building or British people on a train is perhaps no sanity because no whatever the circumstances are everyone has the right to see the soothing light at the end of tunnel and everyone has the right to live their live and with the advent of these suicide bombers it has barely made it impossible for such people to ensure happiness so whether or not having reasons and being irrational it doesn’t matter anymore because what matters in the end is the end should always justify its means (West, 1965).


To conclude, those who commit suicide are not rational most definitely as discussed in the argumentative statements in the above paragraphs surely suggests that whatever they are doing there is a big reason behind it and it should be cured by preventing it not by reacting to it by you’re armed forces because it could end up loosing more on the government itself. Hence, in the study of these suicide bombers by the theorists of three big Universities of Toronto makes sure that they are not even a victim of economic deprivation which is so true because they are motivated towards ‘Revenge and Retaliation’ and if they’re goals aren’t achieved the way they want it therefore they tend to choose a way which is more lethal and very much terrifying. As what happened between Israel and Palestine, one of the famous theorists commented that he is not a big fan of Israel and Hamas but there should be a negotiating point where both of them should sit and talk it out on a round table in order to solve this problem successfully. Hence, these problems can only be resolved if we groom our coming generation and whatever the reason is for these other fundamentalists to actually give themselves a reality check and get this in their mind that they won’t enter Heaven by killing innocent people (Hazani, 1993).

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