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Co-operative inquiry involves at least four different kinds of epistemology; that is, ways of knowing. Presentational knowing results from experiential knowing and provides the first form of expression through narratives and various expressions of art. Presentational knowing is expressed through ideas and theories. Practical knowing is modeling how to do something and is portrayed in a skill or competence. These epistemologies are compatible with each other. If knowing is grounded in experience, expressed through stories and images, understood through sounds ideas, and expressed in worthwhile action in one’s life, then knowing will be ‘more valid’ (Reason, 1999). This is how I will approach the collected data – incorporating the four ways of knowing.

The researcher in qualitative study is very much attached to the research and will be actively involved in the contextual situation of the participant (Simon & Francis, 2001, p. 40). I will enthusiastically examine the experiences of the ‘case’ in the delivery of interpretation and translation of the English language amidst the socio-political challenges. The considerable narrative analysis requires a level of scholarship and sensitivity of this researcher which I am preparing to employ. This approach involves a human science observer-type that is a sensitive to the subtleties of everyday life. Ardent reading of relevant texts of the humanities, history, anthropology and the social sciences as they pertain to the domain of interest is a main ingredient to the effectiveness of this proposed research (van Manen, 1990).

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