Sample Essay

On clicking the ‘Enter the Site’ link the viewer is presented with an array of humorous and colourful animation. The site has very strong visual and auditory impact. The user can scroll back and forth along the linear window through the animated scenery and can choose a character or a building. Upon clicking on an object the user is sent to an additional page dedicated to the chosen character. It gives an account of the various strengths and weaknesses and hopes and aspirations of the character. It also gives the viewer the option to download emoticons, wallpapers, screensavers etc. This functionality of each character breaking apart into a separate page gives the advertiser far more scope to sell the character and to brand it.   To promote the movie and make it more appealing for the children the site also provides activity sheets and colouring pages.

The site is not fully complete as on number of links it states ‘coming soon’. The site also assumes that the users have high speed internet connection. A website with such strong visuals and animation would take very long to load with a slow dialup connection which could prove to be very frustrating for the users. The users should have been given a choice to select the kind of internet connection they have and the site then presented accordingly.

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