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Lastly, the laissez-faire management is the most independent form of management. The laissez-faire manager or leader gives full autonomy to the workers to carry out tasks and make decisions on their own within broad limits. This style of management or leadership is suitable for research or design teams. Workers in these teams work best if they are not too pushes upon by the leaders. However, laissez-faire management style could at some point become a problem if the workers are not competent enough to make sensible decisions. Sometimes workers may also lose confidence and may feel demotivated as they are not sure that what they are doing is right. (Kippenberger, 2002)

Leadership is a very important part of each organization. It may be a non-profit organization, school or the government. Leadership has been researched for decades. (Kouzes and Posner, 1995) Earlier approaches to leadership focused on the qualities of the leaders that distinguished the effective leaders from the ineffective while subsequent models or theories of leadership focus more on the situational factors and skill levels of the leaders.

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