Sample Essay

As mentioned in the Land Registration Act 2002, it is important to do anything lawfully correct and in that case the opposite of vice, it is all related to the core meaning of the Land Registration in order to apply the rules of this Act effectively.

. There’s always a lodge for a copy document for which certain rules are applied which are as follows:-

(a)    the commonhold association’s certificate of incorporation

(b)    any altered certificate of  incorporation.

(c)     The memorandum and articles of association must be included,

(d)    A community statement by the commonhold is essential,

(e)   Commonhold community statement as changed a bit,

(f)     An order as passed under the Act by the court,

(g)    A statement of termination

According to the rules mentioned in Law a certified copy is supposed to be submitted instead of an original document since it is important to submit a certified copy along with the original document. In Law it is important to submit a certified copy along with an original copy. According to the Law of commonhold of freehold estate it is important to apply by filling Form CM1. Another statement should be made according to the Form COV of the Act of Land registration. It is only in case the Registrar asks the applicant to follow Rule 6 and that includes a statutory declaration. This statutory declaration includes a list of consent for the orders but only those orders that come under the section 3 of the Land Registration Act. In case there has been some restriction included with the Registrar as a result of the application then the statutory declaration must ensure that the whether the restriction protects interest since a positive signal from the holder is required and this is essential when the consent is appropriate.

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