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The second question is about the aims and objectives of the introduction and development of a comprehensive system for the compulsory registration of interests in land in England and Wales and to which extent have these been achieved. The collaborated work by the HM land registry was successfully concluded after six years. The purpose is Bold and alarmingly striking one. Doing the legal framework electronically is the latest option available to make it more accurate and easy. The move from a paper-based conveyancing to a complete different one will be transformed fundamentally in which the process is being conducted.

It will definitely bring a conveyancing revolution in a short span of time. There is a good amount of law available on land for registration and it also assists in making any required changes. Changes were far-reaching than those laws made by the legislation of property in 1925. Not only there should be an alternative method of conveyancing but a different way in which the land is perceived. In 1965, the law commission which took the largest project was undertaken by the Land Registration reform Bill.

The aims and objectives of the bill are inevitable in whatever form they were conducted. Dealings with lands cannot affect the general development of E-commerce. Nevertheless, it will help increase the productivity with demonstrable benefits. The public

always wants a better way and this is the best one to deal with daily uncertainties in life and stress. Hence, Bill attempts to meet these expectations.

The main objective of the Bill is to if needed they can investigate the title of the land through internet without going through all the hassle of enquiries and inspections over the phone. All the majority of titles are now registered, unlike rural areas which are not registered. For instance, unregistered land has had its day but now according to the law, they’ll be only allowed to call it their own property only if they get the lands registered.

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