Sample Essay

The larger context, for example the school building and environment, NCLB (No Child Left Behind Act), the community etc influence the role of a supervisor greatly, even though in a very stressful manner. The job of a supervisor is very rigid and for this he or she should be provided a friendly environment and a good building which does not represent gloom. The NCLB has made the role of a supervisor even harder because of the fact that students should be assessed every year to record the progress made by them throughout the year. The whole year’s progress of every student to be scrutinized is a very hassle full and time consuming job, hence the stress is extreme. This is a very strict analysis and hence it has made the job tougher. The community’s expectation also effect the role as the people of the community expect answers from the supervisor if something goes wrong at school. As the supervisor also plays the role of maintaining public relations, he or she is answerable for anything and everything that happens at the school or to the students.


     In the light of the discussion we can hereby culminate that the supervisor plays a number of roles at school, even that of a teacher’s teacher as well as of the students. The role is very stressful.

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