Sample Essay

Recommendations play an important role in decision making and help the top management of any organization to review the situation and available options in a more thorough manner.  If the recommendations are well and strong enough to support a case or a matter then they are often welcomed by the top management and considered to be implemented by the organization where as at times recommendations don’t really make much sense in sight of the top management due to which they are kept aside and are not implemented.

In terms of Citibank launching its credit card service in the Asia Pacific region, a strong set of recommendations would be required to convince the top management that the proposal of credit cards would not be a failure leading to the loss for the bank but instead would be a success and would bring in more revenues and clients for the bank from Asia Pacific region.

First and foremost recommendation should be that the Citibank must come up with their own marketing plan to offer credit cards service to the clients in the different Asian Countries. In this marketing plan, the Citibank can make the credit card offering into three types and that is golden card, silver card and platinum card. All these three cards will have different level of services ranging from different credit limits and the percentage imposed on the payment. The plan would be to promote the three types of credit cards in such a way that the difference of three credit cards can be easily recognized and everybody from the Asian countries considers availing the credit card service. In other words, the service of credit cards must look so affordable and attractive that instant action is taken for obtaining the service.

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