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This part of the paper will focus on leadership in Ukraine and Germany. Germany scores high on various leadership qualities such as assertiveness, gender egalitarianism and Ingroup collectivism. Human orientation,  Institutional Collectivism and Power Distance fair satisfactorily.
Theories can be related to the practical corporate culture in Ukraine and reflect the true leaders in it’s organizational set up. For example Mark Compton is a relationship oriented leader employed by a small construction company who was in a very unfavorable situation and having a rough time leading his construction crew. His subordinates did not trust him to look out for their well-being which shows poor leader-member relation, the construction jobs he supervised tended to be complex (less task structure) moreover, he had no control over the reward or punishments that his subordinates received (weak position power). Recognizing this situation, Campton’s supervisor gave him the power to reward with bonuses if needed and to discipline crew members for poor quality of work. With these changes his leadership situation became moderately favorable and so did Campton’s effectiveness as a leader. (Jones and George, 2007)
However, It scores remarkably low on Future Orientation, Performance Orientation and Uncertainity Avoidance.  An outstanding leader in Ukraine would be one who would combine Team oriented leadership with charismatic leadership. He should also rank considerably higher in levels of Autonomous leadership and is also capable of Self protected behavior.

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