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Does leadership influence the intentions of the employees to leave organisations?

 To explore this, the research sets out to:

1)    Critically review the literature relevant to the research question

2)    Identify the factors that cause employee think of leaving the organisation

3)    Explore and understand the role of leadership as perceived by the employees in influencing their intentions and

According to Creswell (2003), understanding research philosophy is an essential part of any research because it helps in choosing suitable research design along with offering theoretical backing to the results of the study. Inability to understand the underlying research philosophy suggests that it is not the nature and purpose of the research that have guided the adoption of a research design, rather it is the predisposition to the research methodology that have influenced the choice of the research (Easterby-Smith et al., 2008; Creswell, 2003). As the purpose of the research is to build new theories about the perceived role of leadership to influence the employees’ future intentions and decisions to stay or leave the organisation, the study, as suggested by Easterby-Smith et al (2008), is based on social constructionism’s ontological assumptions and epistemological position about the reality. Easterby-Smith et al (2008) suggest that theory building is the usual purpose of social constructionism and that this is achieved by using qualitative data collection and data analysis methods.

Hence, this study intends to use qualitative research design. Semi-structured interviews at different organisational level along with observations, analysis of various documents, and analysis of archival data of Saudi Telecommunication Company shall serve as the data collection tools (Mason and Leek, 2008). The use of different data tools helps to get in-depth information about the phenomenon under study (Bryman, 2008). On the other hand, data will be analysed using open, axial, and selective coding (Turner, 1981; Mason and Leek, 2008). Open coding will be used to identify key categories as emerged from the data, axial coding will be used to label the categories, and selective coding will be used link categories and refine various concepts (Strauss and Corbin, 1990). According to Bryman (2008:438), a semi-structured interview comprises of a list of fairly specific topics to be covered. However, questions that are not included in the outlined schedule may be asked as the researcher picks up on concerns voiced by the participant, allowing room to “pursue topics of particular interest to the workers” (Leidner, 1993:238).

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