Since leadership is a social process the managers of this business must realize that their behavior will influence the employees and staff and must adopt an ethical approach. An ethical leader who adopts behaviors that lead to success is able to effectively lead others. However since the behavioral theory lacks the empirical ability to realize that effective leadership is influenced by situations that moderated the leader’s behavior and effectiveness Luthans (2005).

The leaders will have to integrate the situational leadership approach into their leadership plan. The situational theory assumes that the best action the leader depends on the situational factors. This theory recognizes that the leader’s behavior and leadership style is affected by factors like level of knowledge and skills in particular events, mental state, mood and stress Blank, John and Stephen (1990). These factors also affected the relationship between the leader and their followers. Therefore the management of the cyber café and karaoke business need to realize their attitudes and behavior are circumstances of factors. They should not allow their attitudes, moods and affect their leadership. In addition they should strife at learning to be effective leaders by gaining good leadership traits.

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