Sample Essay

Leadership is the process by which a person exerts influence over other people and instigates, motivates and guides a group towards the organizational goals. The person who wields such influence is called the leader.  When leaders are effective, the influence they exert over others help a group or organization achieve its performance goals But when the leaders are ineffective, their influence does not contribute to, and often detracts from goal attainment. This paper will focus on leadership, how the different t cultural theories of leadership help develop effective leadership in organizations. Also, it will focus on leadership programs and compare their practical application to theory.

In simple words, leadership is the ability to direct a group towards the accomplishment of goals. Leadership is a vital part of being a successful manager. Employees would tend to follow a good leader rather than a manager that does not posses leadership skills and will respond positively to their direction. A poor leader will often fail to win over staff and will have problems communicating with and organizing workers effectively.

But what makes a good leader?  There have been a number of studies that have been carried out in order to answer this question. Some debate that leader’s are born with innate abilities, aura or charisma that others will find appealing. While others argues that leaders can be trained to adopt the key attributes of a good leader and if there is desire and will power it is possible to be a good and effective leader. The traits that can be associated with a good leader form into three broad categories.

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