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The old policy of allocating applications alphabetically was replaced by in order allotment so that every team received the same number of applications. Complexity was segregated, was the sixth step, where tasks were separated into groups based on the level of difficulty. Each group has a different performance goal, hence, one group handled cases where a physician’s statement was required, while another group handled less time consuming cases that did not require a physician’s statement. The last one but not the least was, performance results were posted. These results became rallying points and encouraged employees to improve the system.

Other lean concepts applied by JPF included stating performance and productivity measurements from the customer’s point of view and linking the metrics for the lower levels to the measurements for upper level managers. The team implemented an exercise called “The Airplane Game” particularly effective in communicating the reasons and methods of lean production. The application of the lean production concepts to this service organization produced the fruitful results.

The JPF case provides considerable support for the lean production concepts that is beneficial to any organization, and it provides an approach others can use to become lean, more productive and subsequently more competitive.

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