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Service organizations were thus encouraged to utilize the manufacturing approaches of industrialization through standardization. Industrialization was served by telephony, first building call centers in low-wage areas of the UK and latterly outsourcing them to lower cost economies, which escorted companies to centralize telephone work in call centers, taking advantages of lower labor costs. The optimizing use led the organizations to adopt IT dominated designs which separated and routed work through processes dominated by service-levels and standard times (Seddon et al. 35).

The Core Paradigm, which guides the managers to do the things in quest of improving service operations, such as: to reduce average activity time; to use IT to replace, support or control the service agent; to outsource activity to lower-cost organizations; to increase functional specialization; to standardize work processes; to put similar work into back-office factories. Scripts, procedures, targets, standards, inspection and compliance govern the way these organizations work (Seddon et al. 35).

The codification of lean begun as Jones and Roos’s boo used the label for Toyota. Lean gained in popularity, attempts were made to show examples of lean methods in service organizations, resulting that

Services and manufacturing were now converging towards ‘mass customization’ (Seddon et al. 36). These developments in lean take it into the organizational services, where it helped them to prosper and set as the example for others. In the end, paper gives the background of the lean service, which was presented by W Edwards Deming, that how it came into being from his prospective and workings (Seddon et al. 37).

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