Student teacher should learn to reflect both on the subject content and also on the way they help or cooperate with students he or she is about to teach. At regular intervals, the students should be asked to hand in written reports on the way they worked on a particular the problematic area in expression idioms, rhymes, alterations or pronunciations as it is intended. Without this, the training and learning will be stressful, devoured of entertaining, no longer interesting for the child, and become a boredom that may cause learner abandonment of the activity.

Throughout the program there were several points at which the student teachers were allowed to make a choice with regard to their assigned students practices and rehearsals. They had a say in the general oral presentation, and in choral courses they were often given a choice of materials that suites them and their respective students. There is a close link between learning to reflect and learning to choose: pondering past or future choices compels prospective teachers on their own goals and attitudes. Individual interviews and the students; logbooks, to which the supervisors added their comments, encouraged the student teachers to reflect on the various choices open to them and helped them to develop their own style of teaching oral literature in a practical way.

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