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Holland & Light (1999) state that most implementation models ignore legacy systems and therefore underestimate the importance on the choice of ERP strategy. They cite the works of Adolph (1996), Bennett (1995) and Roberts & Barrar (1992) who define the Legacy systems as systems that  encapsulate the existing business processes, organization structure, culture and information technology.

Al-Mashari et al.(2003) states that the problem of legacy systems centers on the fact that in most companies, data are not kept in a single repository, but rather spread across dozens or even hundreds of separate computer systems, each housed in an individual function, business unit, region, factory, or office. Davenport (1998) states that in combination, these legacy systems represent one of the heaviest drags on business productivity and existing performance. Holland & Light (1999) propose that the amount of technical and organizational change required would be very high if the legacy systems are extremely complex with multiple technology platforms and a variety of procedures. Technological bottlenecks may arise when there is an attempt to implement bridges between ERP modules and legacy applications (Sumner, 2000).

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