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Power means having the capability to transform the conduct of another person in a way which is perhaps, in opposition to their will, the term “power struggle” entails that power has been used by one side over another so as to resolve the outcome in their support. From this, we can deduce that power can entail the use of compulsion either by political, economic means or by vigor.

The differentiation that exists between power and authority is there because of the fact of legitimacy. Authority by its very definition means ‘legitimate power’ and according to Jouvenel, those who are subject to authority accept it voluntarily without the use of intimidation or the danger of atrocious force. As is said, “The line between power and authority lies without the rules that secure it. For example a Governments authority is said to be legitimate because it is given the right to rule by the electorate, it then has the obligation to follow the explicit legal rules of Government and the conventions of the parliamentary process” (Distinguishing Between Power and Authority, 2007).

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