Sample Essay

In terms of getting lesson from the project management of Burj Khalifa a lot many areas are to be covered as it involved several aspects of project and people management making it successful in a small period of time.

The main and the most important lesson to be obtained is that the success behind the construction of Burj Khalifa is the performance of the work teams that devoted a lot of their skills in proving the success of this project. The teams were united and their goals where set in a perfect manner which assured that the project will meet its target in the desired span of time. Due to perfect team environment, the performance of the employees remained on top which resulted in Burj Khalifa’s completion in very quick span of time. Hence it is of great importance to have an effective team that delivers best performance in the project on which it’s working on (Chris, 2009).

Leadership is one of the best traits that have to be in the person who is managing an entire project whether it is a big or a small project. Projects like Burj Khalifa are seen very rare as tallest structures in the world are not being constructed frequently and require years of planning before work is started on them.

Leadership builds and maintains effective relationships and keeps the employees motivated. While Burj Khalifa was being planned and the work on its structure had already been started, the leadership had been of so much quality that employees had developed great ties with their fellow colleagues which had kept the teams coordination at almost all the levels.

Accountability is also very important when working on any big or small project. Employees are to be inquired on the tasks that they have been given which gives the manager a clear idea that how the employees have actually performed and also keeps the employees working with high spirit with the feeling that they will be accountable for the performance sooner or later by the management.

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