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Marketing mix is a unique combination of the product, the price, the place and the promotion strategy adopted. Product involves addressing the qualitative aspect of it, the features, the styling, the packaging, the sizing and the warranty based aspects of the market mix. Pricing includes the list prices, the credit terms, modes of payments, and the discounts offered. Similarly the marketing mix also has to do with the place the product is supposedly marketed, the channels of marketing, coverage and locations. Levi’s has helped create a competitive edge over its counterparts through its creative image based campaigns that highlight a brand of hip, street smart, urbane sensibility. Its 501 blues campaigns has projected a cutting sharp dynamic image of its product and helped revive its image across the globe. In 1988, Spike Lee spots were seen on the button-fly jeans that featured real people such as guys from Brooklyn who would speak in backward tone for the mere fun of it and the theme that was projected said “is your fly buttoned”

Levi’s was an indoctrination, a writ to today’s hip society. People perceived it to be cool and hence used to don them to become cool. By females, they were worn as a mark of rebellion and a feminist style statement. Girls used to feel proud of their skin tight Sergio Valentes (the girl pants) and boys of their red-label zip-front Levi’s(boy pants). They were more of a symbol of class, of identity and of a measure of who one was and what he/she aspired to see them as in the society. The brand is enduring for two primary reasons and is synonymous to quality. Levis has successfully cashed in on its marketing campaigns and ended up mass producing jeans of considerable value. Originality, individuality and comfort have been the three striking features of Levi’s. In the words of Steve Goldstein who is the VP for marketing and research department of Levi “Every rip has a story. That’s why the advertising has been much more about the wearer than the product”. The brand has proven to be a success more so because Levi’s has always been successful and devising and figuring out a way to package its products such that it held its appeal to the younger generations. It was award for its achievement in brand advertising and design communications in a ceremony held at the Art Directors Club recently. The 150 year-old company was highlighted through an exhibition including television, print advertisements, testimonials written by customers and the world’s oldest pair of Levi’s jeans. Levi’s was specifically chosen because of its popularity in the blue jeans arena as said by the ADC director Myrna Davis “It’s a very satisfying product”. There is technically no other product which is this evasive and pervasive and holds this strong an image in the public. At the same time, it can address all kinds of people, the rich and the poor. (JWT, 2007)

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