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Another milestone by Levi’s was their “Anti-Fit” style jeans which was yet another integration through to it’s’ product line by Levi’s to address consumer needs.  Fashion industry today has become terribly competitive especially when incomes have become increasingly disposable. Recreational shopping is on the rise and competition intense.

Various examples can be drawn in this regard to prove that the companies that have established a stronger and clearer brand command a larger share of the market today than their counterparts whose image are either unworthy and are tagged as old-fashioned, and unattached to be strong and clear. Establishing and maintaining the powerful appeal for the “Anti Fit” range of jeans was the crux of the marketing strategy that was applied by Levis in their bid to break through the competitive and be successful in getting that necessary “competitive edge” in their market for designer jeans. Making and nurturing the right brand image is heavily dependent on keeping tag of the various mindsets, beliefs, values and aspirations of the contemporary well-received and informed consumer.  At the same Levis’ way of branding ensures that the consumer conceives it to be in tune with their way of thinking and takes tab of similar values. This approach is central to Levi’s way through to marketing success.

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