Sample Essay

However this did not end here and Levis incorporated amazing creative’s to re-enforce and re-habilitate brand equity. Some of the most prominent ones are the Clayman series of the 1996, the Slim Jeans ads and the cutting “dangerously low” jeans add campaigns. To endorse their brands, Levi’s used famous Indian Celebrities like Shahrukh khan and Bipasha Basu. Levis launched its low waist jeans in 2003 and this was yet another milestone in the life cycle of the brand. It brought low waist jeans back in vogue and had a contemporary look associated with it. This brand appealed more to the hip-hop generation of that time and age as they rushed in to buy them.

The youngsters were distancing themselves from denims to khakis and other forms of casual wear by then. Low waist jeans ended up answering and attending to the requirements of both the categories and the brand came back into reckoning. The advertisement approach that was adopted by Levi’s was mega and on a grand scale. Some 15 super models were used to endorse the product and soon the brand was tagged as “cool”. In their bid to make their product line stronger Levi’s adopted the downward stretch. Their next milestone approach was the signature range which they introduced at the lower meeker end of the price point and it ended up opening a huge market for the brand.  Levi’s moved ahead with their range of Casual wear by introducing Dockers’ too in the process.

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