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Liberal feminists take the whole issue on another level. They call sex-discrimination as as unfair because it exhausts women of their rights to self development. They believe that women across the globe are not granted same opportunities and rights as men in the same ground.  In discriminatory  circumstances, women are not given the same degree of consideration as that allotted to men.

It’s albeit natural that legislation and bills are passed allotting responsibilities and opportunities for both sides of the sex. United States and Britain pursue what many call a “protective” labor legislation under which women have been allotted certain number of hours of work, low wages and incumbent periods for rest. Liberal feminists oppose the legislation and see it as an attempt to deprive women from better and more prosperous jobs. Had the labor division been chosen freely, feminists would have had no points on which to challenge it. But they assume it is not freely chosen, and discrimination continues to hold sway while depriving women of their rights to occupy more prestigious and powerful job positions. Feminists believe that domestic work such as house/child care are not respectable enough and require little or no exercise of brains. (Young 1993)

Thus, it is essential that terms such as Feminism GAD and WID are clearly distinguished. Their approach towards treatment of women is different and they analyze women sub-ordination from different viewpoints. The nature of GAD is more diverse and rationally justified compared to WID.

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