Sample Essay

Oral health products are among the list of those products that require proper marketing and fall into the most competitive industry in the market. The market is so competitive that each competitors tries attacking on each other to grab more market share and become the market leader. In such competitive industry, Listerine has been among numerous competitors and had been the market leader in oral health care products from a long time but due to massive competition in the industry, Listerine had been facing some tough time and crises with its sales decreasing from time to time and other competitors taking its place as market leaders (Bratton, 2008, p.189).

Such incidents and current scenario of Listerine in the market have been of serious concern for Listerine Company and has alarmed its management to take serious action to avoid such situation and regain its share in the market. It was analyzed by the company officials that Listerine had been suffering mainly due to lack of its marketing activities hence competitors on the other hand have done better marketing to get hold of larger market share. Listerine has also realized that its product line remain unchanged where as competitors had been coming up with new flavors and better products to inspire larger pool of customers. These two reasons had been the main areas where Listerine had not performed well which resulted in competitors performing better and ending up with making better progress and performing well enough then Listerine (Kotler, 2008, p. 121).

The core purpose of this report is to highlight the weaknesses that had cost Listerine in losing its market share to its competitors and then coming up with better ways to respond back to the competitors by regaining the market share and compete strongly with the competitors in order to recover from any losses made (Scott, 2010, p. 48).

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