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These two meanings of ‘tying problem’ can be found in a well definite form, chiefly in the literature of neuroscience and philosophy respectively.  Nevertheless, there are also many cases where the two matters are united in ways that is difficult to be sure about of. The obligatory problem, as applies to the ‘unit of the knowledge’ is related to the problem of the homunculus – a “small man”, interior and supposed that is the true subject inside the brain.  Basically its how colored squares and circles can be experienced in one go.

The implication is that something experiences all these data. On physical grounds in an experience it is the person or the system that is pivotal. It has come be popular to deny that any needs to give a physical account of what is that has the experience, often with the suggestion that is it the ‘person on the whole’ or the “system”.  Nevertheless, to attribute entrance to such vague physical controls they are not without problems.  These offerings of information erupt from the common misconception that there cannot be an internal, physical control and limited that has access to, for example the data of sensitive blue cells and sensitive squares.  This control often is even with a homunculus “paradoxical”, but with often is not appreciated that a homunculus is only paradoxical low conditions limited.  The concept of homunculus often is even with someone ‘looking at an internal television screen marvelously integrated’ and in this form is considered correctly an absurd one that engenders an infinite backward movement (who looks the screen inside the homunculus?).  Nevertheless, like Daniel Dennet has observed, ‘homunculi is only men of bogey if they repeat entirely the talents that are calls in explaining’ [8].

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